15 days Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to see Mount Everest Base Camp for yourself is what I’m here to arrange for you today. This is the definitive manual for trekking to Everest Base Camp on your own.

Day 1: Lukla to Monjo from Kathmandu:

 Walking Time: 5 hours

Easy with a few peaks and valleys.

Monjo Guesthouse, 200 NPR/Night, is a place to stay.

There is still plenty of daylight when you get in Lukla because the majority of flights to that location take out in the morning.

After another two hours, the trail will begin to ascend, signalling your arrival in Monjo, where you will spend your first night.

 Day 2: Monjo to Namche Bazaar:

 3 to 4 hours for the trek

Easy beginning, then everything is up for two hours.

Khumbu Lodge, 300 NPR/Night, is a place to stay.

From Monjo, it is a short hike till you reach the renowned twin suspension bridge, from which point the trail ascends to Namche Bazaar

 Day 3: Namche Bazaar:

 Trek duration: six hours

Easy stroll on a largely level trail.

Khumbu Lodge, 300 NPR/Night, is a place to stay (Twin Room).

We will spend the third day seeing the traditional villages near Namche Bazaar to help our bodies adjust to the altitude because we are now at 3,440m.

At around eight in the morning, begin your journey northward toward Khunde Village. A small monastery with a beautiful view of the valley is located in this settlement.

 Day 4: From Namche Bazaar to Tengboche:

 5 hours for the trek

Moderate to Easy Difficulty. You start out going down, but after that, everything goes up.

Tash Delek is a 500 NPR/Night hotel.

From this point on, you will spend the next 2.5 hours steadily climbing a path through a pine forest until reaching Tengboche.

 Day 5: Dingboche to Tengboche:

 4 hours for the trek

Quite simple. It’s one of the shortest and easiest days, but from now on, the altitude will start to affect you.

Snowlion Lodge, 500 NPR per night, is a place to stay.

Starting with a descent from Tengboche to Pangboche, the trail will gradually climb for an additional three hours to reach Dingboche. Today is a leisurely stroll.

 Day 6: Dingboche:

 Trekking Time: 0–8 hours

Depending on your goals, the difficulty will vary. While Ama Dablam base camp requires a full day of hiking with many ups and downs.

Snowlion Lodge, 500 NPR per night, is a place to stay.

Another acclimatisation day is necessary because you are over 4,400 metres above sea level in Dingboche.

Day 7: Dingboche to Lobuche:

 4 hours for the trek

Considering the altitude and the incline before Lobuche, the difficulty is moderate to hard.

Location: 700 NPR/Night for Oxygen Altitude .

At this level, one should only gain a maximum of 600 metres in one day. However, since we acclimated in Dingboche.

For around two hours, the trail leaves Dingboche and climbs gradually until it reaches Dukla, when it suddenly shoots up dramatically.

 Day 8: Lobuche to Gorakshep, then on to Everest Base Camp, then back:

 6 hours for the hike

Moderate in difficulty, with a challenging climb to Gorakshep and a simple return route to Everest Base Camp.

The Buddha Lodge costs 500 NPR each night (Twin Room).The next day, you’ll make up to the Everest Base Camp (5,380 metres), but not before travelling from Lobuche to Gorakshep

 Day 9: Gorakshep to Dzongla via Kala Patthar:

 7 hours for the hike

Quite challenging and drawn out

Mountain Home Zonglha is a 500 NPR/Night place to stay (Twin Room).

Start your hike the following morning at 6 AM to reach Kala Patthar, the trail’s highest point (5,643m), and perhaps the most you can reach without using mountaineering equipment.

 Day 10: Gokyo Lake to Dzongla via Chola Pass:

8 hours for the journey

Fitzroy Inn is a 150 NPR/Night hotel . Day 10, with the hike beginning at 5 AM in Dzongla, will be the longest day of them all.

Turn left from the plateau and proceed along the glacier’s left side

 Day 11: Gokyo Ri To Gokyo Lake And Back:

 3 hours for the hike

Hard to Moderately Difficult. A challenging ascent to Gokyo Ri followed by a restful day.

Fitzroy Inn is a 150 NPR/Night hotel.

You can see Mount Everest from a distance as well as Gokyo Lake 3, the glacier you passed yesterday, and other distant mountains after spending around two hours climbing to the summit.

 Day 12: From Dole To Gokyo Lake:

 4 hours for the hike

Ease of difficulty. all the way from Dole to Gokyo.

Himalayan Lodge, 300 NPR/Night, is a place to stay . If you don’t catch a bad case of Khumbu Cough like I did, hiking will become much easier as your blood oxygen levels increase

 Day 13: From Namche Bazaar to Dole:

 5 hours for the hike

Quite challenging. Although I really want to make this for you simple, there is actually one difficult climb left before you reach Namche Bazaar.

Accommodations: Khumbu Lodge, 300 Nepali Pounds per Night.

In the Himalayas, hiking resembles everyday living. When you believe you have succeeded, there is always another god-damn challenge to face.

 Day 14: Lukla to Namche Bazaar:

 6 hours to complete the trek

Easy level of difficulty. simple stroll with significantly more downs than ups.

Everest Lodge Restaurant and Bar, 400 NPR/Night.

A good shower, delectable food, and warm beds are waiting for you in Kathmandu despite the fact that there are many ups and downs and that you are still quite a distance from Lukla.

  Day 15: Lukla to Kathmandu:

 You should return to Kathmandu in roughly 30 minutes from the time you board the aircraft. You succeeded! Congratulations! You’ve hiked all the way to Gokyo from the Everest Base Camp!