Indian Trains and SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC . Do you Know what it means?

Indian railway train coaches have many layout based on their class like SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC. Do you know what it means . Travel Mozi Share the means in train.

How Many types of seats in Train

Here is the list of the types of seats in Train. check the brief below one by one.

  1. CC – AC Chair Car – cc coach in train
  2. S – Seater Class:
  3. SL – Sleeper class:
  4. A – AC First Class:
  5. A – AC Second Class:
  6. A – AC Third Class:
  7. First Class (FC)
  8. Air-conditioned Executive Seat Class (EC)
  9. First Class (1AC) with Air Conditioning –
  10. Two-Level Air-Conditioned Classroom (2AC) – 2ac coach
  11. Three Tier Air Conditioned Classroom (3AC) – 3a in train

What is cc in train India- AC Chair Car ( CC)

cc full form in train : This coach does not provide the facality of sleeping, Passengers need to travel on the chairs. there are no berth in cc coach in train. Thus, it will be quite good for 4-5 hours journey however, passengers do travel for overnight journeys too.

What is cc in train India- AC Chair Car ( CC)

AC Speaker Class (CC) – cc coach in train
The class of seats with air conditioning is arranged in a 3+2 pattern in the car. It can be found on day trains and short distance trains. It is an economical and convenient way of train travel of less than 5 hours.

S – Seater Class:

This train coach has same seating arrangement look like as CC, but this does not have the AC facility and has bench style seats. This is generally used for one day travel. Indian train can carry 108 passengers in every seater train.

First Class (FC)
The layout of first class is similar to that of air-conditioned first class, but without air conditioning. Lockable compartment sleeps 4. Sheets and blankets are available at an additional cost. Currently, you can find first class only in some Indian trains.

First Class (FC)

A – Ac first class is the most comfortable,safe and air-conditioned train coach in indian railways trains. Ac first class is the most expensive coach. in this first class ac train coach has either 18 or 22 seats. berths are for night and seats are for the day.

A- AC Second Class or AC 2 – tier( 2A)

A- AC Second Class is another air-conditioned and most comfortable coach with berts avalible in indian train. Beeding are included in the fare and it can carry either 45 to 52 passangers. Food , beverages are included in the fare, its depending upon the train you are traveling in.

What is sleeper class in train – SL – Sleeper class:

Sleeper class is the widely used coach being used in Indian trains. It has 72 seats in normal sleeper class trains or 78 seats Duranto trains with 2 seats on one side and 6 seats on opposite side. This is a budget friendly coach for the every category of passengers in India.

 What is sleeper class in train - SL - Sleeper class:

Sleeper Class (SL)
There is no air conditioning in sleeping class. Otherwise, it is very similar to the three-level AC class. You can also bring sleeping bags with you as sheets and blankets are not provided. You can also ask for a set of bed linen at an additional cost. During the day, the middle bunk would fold down to allow passengers on the bottom bunk to sit. Sleeper Class is suitable for travelers who are on a budget or want to mingle with the locals. If you want a more comfortable train ride, then three-tier AC class is the best option.

Second Class (2S)
Second class ( 2s coach in train ) is one of the cheapest in Indian trains. Most second class coaches have 2 rows of wooden benches each for 3 passengers. The new type of second class carriage has 3+3 seats. Places must be booked in advance.

Second class ( 2s coach in train )

Unreserved / General Category (2S) 2s coach in train
unreserved seat in indian train

This is the cheapest class. Seats are not reserved or allotted. Most 2S carriages do not have glazing, but many have bars to prevent passengers from getting in and out of the window. The unreserved/general category is always overcrowded, noisy and stinks. Passengers without seats usually sit or lie on the floor. With no air conditioning, it becomes very stuffy and uncomfortable.

Third AC Economy (3E) – 3e in train

what is 3e in train – this is very rare ac 3 tier economy class available in the Indian railways trains. 3e class in train look like the 3A Coaches the only one difference being the number of berths available in each train compartment. 3e coach in train available in some Indian trains like garib rath express or duronto trains.

Third AC Economy (3E) - 3e in train

Air-conditioned Executive Seat Class (EC)

Air conditioned executive class is available only on certain express types such as Tejas Express, Gatimaan Express and Shatabdi Express. This is the most premium and expensive class. The cost of the ticket is approximately equal to the cost of a ticket for a domestic flight.

In AC Executive Class, the seats are arranged in the carriage in a 2+2 layout, providing ample space and privacy. The whole car is clean including the toilet. Behind each seat is a small folding table and screen. Meals and snacks are provided free of charge.

Executive AC is very popular among business travelers. It is an ideal option for short train journeys of less than 5 hours.

First Class (1AC) with Air Conditioning – ac 1 tier

Air-conditioned first class ac train consists of 2 or 4 seater coaches with lockable doors. The coaches are spacious, clean and well maintained. There is a washbasin in each compartment. There are toilets at the end of each carriage. A pillow, sheet, blanket and towel are provided on each bed.

Air-conditioned first class ac train is the most expensive of all sleeper classes and offers a high level of comfort and privacy. It is clean and quieter than the non-AC dorms. check the first class 1 tier ac coach images below

Two-Level Air-Conditioned Classroom (2AC) – 2a in train

2ac coach – Air-conditioned two-tier class is common in long distance trains in India. Each compartment has 2 upper and 2 lower seats, and on the other side of the aisle, each compartment has 2 side seats (one lower and one upper). There are no doors for each compartment, but there are shutters to separate the compartments. A pillow, sheet, blanket and towel are provided on each bed.

Two-Level Air-Conditioned Classroom (2AC) - 2a in train

The cost of a ticket in AC 2-tier air-conditioned class is about half that of first class air-conditioned. Hence, it is popular among the upper class travelers of India. And it’s a great option for foreign travelers who prefer a good level of privacy but can’t afford first-class air conditioning.

Three Tier Air Conditioned Classroom (3AC ) – 3a in train

3a in train – Each open-plan compartment has 6 berths, 2 lower, 2 middle and 2 upper berths. There are also side seats (lower and upper seats) in the hall on the other side of the compartment. Unlike the 2-Tier AC class, the 3-Tier AC class( 3a in train ) does not have curtains separating the sleeping area for privacy. A pillow, sheet and blanket are provided on each bed.

Three Tier Air Conditioned Classroom (3AC ) - 3a in train

The middle bunk will fold down during the day, allowing passengers to sit on the bottom bunk, so other passengers will sit on the bottom bunk.

The three-tier air-conditioned class ( ac 3 tier ) is very popular among budget travelers. It offers a comfortable journey at a reasonable price, only a third cheaper than air-conditioned first class. But if you are concerned about privacy then this class is not recommended for you.